Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Having a body.

After taking an anatomy class and visiting a cadaver lab recently, I got a new understanding/feeling of the body.
Our bodies are anchors for our souls, giving a soul an ability to live in the 3-D physical reality. It's evident, but rarely contemplated, that all parts in a human body attach to each other; the body is designed to move through 3-D space, to hold itself and onto itself. It's systems and parts connected by connective tissue saturated by water flowing through all of it; you pinch someone's toe and all of that person turns to you reacting to the pinch.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lots of people are in transition now. Waiting for a change. Watching the news, searching the Net. Looking for positive shifts.

As we wait, we can do small actions, make small choices, that will invite the change we want. It's choices of what we eat, how we spend our money, our time.

As we long for a healthier environment, we can take responsibility to start healing our personal past, instead of re-creating it day after day. As we note chores in our calendars, we can start putting in fun dates with friends and loved ones. Classes and workshops, concerts and presentations.

Support people and activities that will support you. Chose what to support, how you want to be supported.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

There is high pressure we adopt from our upbringing to "figure it out" and "settle in" into a comfortable situation/lifestyle. Naturally our parents want us to be happy, and in their eagerness to prove themselves "good parents" or wanting to relief their own pressure of having to take care of us, they provide us with recipes to build a happy life. Get a boyfriend. Get married. Have kids. Get a good job. Make money. There are myths and myths about getting that done and living happily ever after.

In real life there are cases when it's a perfect fit, total mis-fit, and/or anywhere in-between. As we grow up and become our own caretakers, it's useful to take a closer look at what is there inside to take care of. Wanted or not, it's there, contributing to our feelings and actions, often though subconscious. It's not always comfortable, but healthy to shine conscious light into hidden subconscious drives and agendas. Doing just that helps create more harmony there in the shadows behind pains and hurts. The truth is - this process will continue until our deaths (don't know about the beyond), with some periods of times being more balanced and whole than others.
Lately I discovered that comfort and happiness do not necessarily share the same space, or "zone". Now more often than before I dare to seek happiness, finding myself "outside of comfort zone".

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Re-read my earlier posts. Worth repeating here:

And - healing happens on the road of taking care of oneself!

To wish is crucial yet not enough - to act is to build a living muscle.

And then there is another vital component to the process - SUPPORT.

Stumble upon a wish to get better, start taking care of yourself no matter how small is that care, look for support and go for it. It might be a dead end you are exploring, but the fact that you did will build your strength. Let your pain make you stronger!


Visualizations are subtle but powerful way to process experiences on the subconscious level of the mind - the level of the dream, that mysteriously slips through to the ordinary" 3-D reality of the physical world. I do guided visualizations for my client, allowing their minds to provide images that suit them best, taking them through a trans-formative process of arriving to a better place in themselves.

Sometimes I spontaneously "dream" for them. As we are all connected on some level, especially during a therapy session where an intention of healing is set, me going through this process allows the client to mirror shifts on the subconscious level.

Sometimes I spontaneously have a waking dream for me. Often during emotionally charged times, or being on the receiving end of a therapeutic session.

Here is the recent story that started when a highly intuitive healer worked on me, asking me to come up with a beneficial animal image to introduce into each of my chakras. For my Solar plexus a snake came into my vision. Hmm, I thought, snake medicine! Whatever...

The session moved on, and I did not hold onto the snake for long.

Than in a few days I was sunning myself by the pools of Wilbur Hot Springs, and I became aware of my Solar plexus: I found myself inside there, looking with my inner eye ... on the snake! Hissing, slowly moving her coiled body through the darkness... "Hello, friend!"

Now, here is the irony: Solar plexus is "solar", right? It's a place where energy generated, the stomach turning the food into heat and fuel for the body functions. The place where the chute of the diaphragm going up and down with each breath connects the upper and the lower parts of the body, massaging vital inner organs into action, drawing more air into the lungs.

Yet this is the place where insecurity and low self-esteem slump the body against itself, cutting it in halves, stopping the flow.

The Snake medicine of my dream vision was in the dark. What a perfect medicine my mind invited in to work through the darkness!

It's been a long time...

Usually I'm better with my hands, than with my words. As I heard my friend say "My first language is non-verbal"...