Monday, November 24, 2008

Brain switching - how fast?

And here you'll find a curious test on how fast your brain switches between the hemispheres:
Are you mostly a logical person or a creative one?

Getting out of the pain of depression

Here is an interesting article I found on the Net on depression and brain switching: It talks about re-programming your brain out of depression.

I myself had experience with helping myself out of depression with the following exercises:

1) Stopping thoughts. Usually when you are depressed, you are attaching your low state to some circumstance that would "justify" it. Such as "no money", "broken car", "I'm a looser", "she loves not me", etc. Your mind chews on the thoughts that drive your state even lower, increasing the pain. The excercise will be to stop thoughts to brake the deadly circle. Even if it feels like you have to concentrate on the circumstances to figure it out; you can not figure it out while you are locked onto the pain.

2) Focusing on external object and switching the focus every 3 seconds. This excercise takes you out of your head and helps stop thoughts. To do it properly, you have to look at something outside yourself, like a tree, or a pen, or your own hand. You have to let yourself SEE it in detail, and as soon as your brain done identifying the object, turn your eyes to the next one. Keep your brain busy chewing on something outside the pain.

3) Find positive thoughts to think. Focus on them even if you can do it for a second.

These excercises will help to re-train the brain and let it lay new neurological paths within your nervous system.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Good" and "bad" energy.

Yesterday I happened to be at the energy healing session given by another practitioner to a sick friend of mine.

When I saw her working and felt an intence thick energy that she summoned, my first reaction was to join in and work together. I held my hands out and tuned in. I tried, but didn't feel we resonate in our work.

After a few minutes she asked me where I dispose the "bad" energy of the sickness (herself, she was shaking off her hands periodically into a dish filled with salty water). This opened up a discussion about the differences in the techniques we were using. As a result, I'd like to share the principles of my energy work here, to have it all in one place.

My training in the energy work started with a simple question: If I am to have a single chance to lay my hands on a person with the intention to help/heal them, where would I put my hands? I'm grateful that my teachers, instead of having me memorise information about hunam energy field and it's components, trained me tune in and feel the call for help, feel energy disruptions.

And that's what I do during the energy healing session - feel for the imbalances in the energy flow. Most often I feel it with my hands, sometimes I see it with my eyes, yet sometimes I get a picture in my head, or a sensation in my body, mirroring the state of the person I'm working with. I feel, listen and look into the person. And when I'm at a place of imbalance, I stay there, and I work with my perceptions, untill the balance is restored.

In my work there is no bad energy of sickness. Nothing to get rid of. Sickness is a manifestation of imbalance, of a disrupted flow of life energy.

When you come into a dark room and flip the light switch on, where does the darkness go?

As the darkness is only an absence of light, so is sickness is an absence of health, which is a constant flow of life energy on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What is healing?

I've been interested in healing always, it seems. Even before I knew the word "healing".

What is healing? Getting/feeling better?

And how do we know what we feel? Do we even know when we feel bad?

Often the answer is "no". No, we might not know that we feel bad, we just feel bad. Completely immersed in the feeling, experiencing it as our normal state of existence.

This is ironic - anyone who feels bad is able to tell how they feel, you'll say. Yet a statement of one's own feelings and a solid awareness of one's experiences in the moment are two different things.

Healing starts, when one understands on a very deep level, that "feeling bad" is only a part of who they are, a part of their experience, a part of them - not the whole.

Healing starts when one starts paying attention to other various parts of oneself, and acknowledges a "better", happier part of them.

Healing starts when one gets fed up with feeling bad, and wishes oneself to get better.