Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What is healing?

I've been interested in healing always, it seems. Even before I knew the word "healing".

What is healing? Getting/feeling better?

And how do we know what we feel? Do we even know when we feel bad?

Often the answer is "no". No, we might not know that we feel bad, we just feel bad. Completely immersed in the feeling, experiencing it as our normal state of existence.

This is ironic - anyone who feels bad is able to tell how they feel, you'll say. Yet a statement of one's own feelings and a solid awareness of one's experiences in the moment are two different things.

Healing starts, when one understands on a very deep level, that "feeling bad" is only a part of who they are, a part of their experience, a part of them - not the whole.

Healing starts when one starts paying attention to other various parts of oneself, and acknowledges a "better", happier part of them.

Healing starts when one gets fed up with feeling bad, and wishes oneself to get better.

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