Monday, August 12, 2013

is the work on body tensions in conjunction with the unresolved feelings associated with those tension. We use muscle tension to suppress feelings when we don't have knowledge how, or time, or safe environment to process our emotional reactions in overwhelming situations. With time those tensions become a habitual pattern, a part of our identity, a "safe" known place where we can hide, where we can hold feelings we "don't like". The downside is that those hidden patterns of trauma show up again and again when triggered. The work I offer helps to uncover the unprocessed trauma and release the build-up around it gently and with presence. I use Rosen Method bodywork, which is light touch and stretching, and lots of listening with my hands. In the session, feelings, images, sensations arise into conscious awareness, and we process them through deep listening, guided visualization, conscious dreaming, feedback, etc.
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