Saturday, September 22, 2012


Autumn - the fruit bearing time.

Seeds go off the mother-plant, and into the ground - to be buried, to lay dormant, waiting for the call of spring… How do they know the spring will come? They don’t, yet that’s the only thing they “know” to do – to follow the design the seeds have no way of knowing about.

Humans are different – humans want to know. Humans get satisfaction knowing their efforts will bring fruit. Humans have difficulty letting go of the fruits of their efforts – they want to store it in a barn somewhere close by for the future use.  Humans want to know the future, want to be assured the spring will come and the seeds they’ve planted sprout into the beauty of the new life. Humans want to have the piece of that newness – that’s how we, humans, grow.

Autumn. The time of letting go, finding trust that your efforts are not futile - that the seeds you planted will grow in their own time, that when the new life that sprouts will be part of your life, enriching you in a new way…

The time of turning your awareness deeper inside, getting in touch with your core essence, that’s always there for you - your resource, from where you are sprouting, again and again, engaging with the world outside of you.