Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Intention, attention, dedication - the three practices of healing

Intention is a seed of change. It's born from an experience, that brought something new, something different into your awareness; something that you want now, since you got a taste of it, something that you consider to be good to have..

 The wanted thing is outside of your "normal" reach, it's a goal, it exists as a potential, in the future - a desired possibility that you do not have. Yet.

The intention you have. Intention can stand behind your actions; behind your thoughts (you can choose which thoughts to think, according to your intention), behind your words.

You act with intention, and then receive feedback. From the feedback you'll know if you are moving in the right direction according to your intention, or you are off track.

Off track - then you can try again, with the same intention. Look for choices. Choices of direction, actions, words... You might not have many, yet you can put your intention into your doings, and it will start clearing your path for you.

There is a saying "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions". Let that not make you loose your good intentions, when you'll find yourself at a dead end, in places or states unwanted, in Hell. Your good intention will help you develop qualities that you'll need to overcome the obstacle.

So, if you find yourself in hell - return to your intention, examine it, see if it is still good - and keep going.

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